Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My little sister, Melissa, is graduating from Arkansas Tech this Saturday morning with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She just found out that she passed her PRAXIS test and she was so relieved! I don't blame her. She has worked really hard throughout college and has had awesome grades. I hope she gets a great job! I'm sure her future class will think she's such a pretty teacher! We're going to celebrate at Italian Gardens on Saturday, after she walks across the stage.
I'm officially DONE shopping for Christmas! Thank Goodness! It stresses me out to not have it all done. Now I just have about 3 more presents to wrap. We're actually celebrating Christmas with my family this Friday night. Part of my family will be in TX around Christmas, so we are having our family Christmas a little earlier this year. I can't wait to see Madison open her presents and play with all of the wrapping!

My Christmas cards have been ready for some time now, but I'm waiting for a return address stamp to come in that I ordered. I'm thinking it should be here tomorrow!

One last thing, let me tell you about my great bargain. So, my CHI hair straightener broke this morning. It just wouldn't turn on. I have a friend that sells them for $65, which is a GREAT price, but I found one for $44, no shipping, online. Now, THAT is a steal! (They are $109 regular price, but I paid $130 for my very first one. This will be my third!) I'm so excited about my great find, but even more ready for it to get here. My hair is a frizz ball without it! The color is called pink dazzle. Great name, huh?!



Where did you get a CHI for 44$? I just got a new straightner.. and it was the GVP brand from Sally's, it works as good as the CHI but it was $70

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