Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Incredible, INEDIBLE egg!

We've known for some time that Logan is allergic to something. It all started when he had his first bite of homemade ice cream. He broke out in a rash around his mouth. I thought, surely it couldn't be dairy since he'd never had a problem with breast milk, milk-based formula, or yogurt. All of which he had on a regular basis. I knew there were eggs and flour in the homemade ice cream and hoped it was the eggs! He also broke out after eating cornbread once, which had egg in it. I've never given him scrambled eggs because I really thought that eggs were the problem and was scared of the reaction he might have to them.

Well, this morning the kids stayed with my sister for a bit while I went to the gym. They normally go to Fit Kids, a daycare in they gym, but she wanted them to come to her house instead for some lovin' time. She decided to give them some...wait for it...scrambled eggs! She said Logan's whole face broke out. She was scared of what I might say, (which I really don't know why because I'm one of the most laid back moms there is when it comes to my kids getting hurt) so she called my mom. My mom works at Millard Henry Clinic and it's a bonus for times like these. She talked to the doc and they said as long as he was breathing he'd be fine. He said Logan could take some Benedryl and Melissa just happened to have some on hand for her...DOG!!! I didn't even ask if she cleaned the dropper before giving Logan some medicine. I think I'd rather not know. (I'm NOT an animal lover!) Anyway, after about 40 minutes the rash went away and he was fine. That's about how long his rashes have always lasted before.

I'm just glad we now know what his allergy is. I really never cook with eggs and if he ever wants to eat a little cake at least the worst that will happen is a small rash around his mouth. If you ever want to know what your kid's allergies are, just send them over to Melissa's!



Hey girl, we found out last fall that Mitchell is allergic to eggs. It's really not too difficult. Glad you figured out what it was!

Amber L.

Emma has a reaction to milk, but so far it's fairly minor and goes away within minutes on its own. I'm hoping she outgrows it. Is an egg allergy something you can outgrow?

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