Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Steps & Mama

Logan took his first few steps on Monday. He took about three at a time with us right in front of him holding out our hands to him. When I picked him up from MDO on Tuesday, his teachers asked me if he had taken any steps yet. I told them yes and they said he did the same thing in MDO that day. I'm sure he will be off in no time since he now has "experienced" it!

Logan accomplished another milestone this week. This morning after Gabe left for work he said "mama" as he crawled towards me. I have waited 11 whole months to hear that boy say that sweet word. He also said my name several times during dinner, but daddy was too busy reading the paper to hear him. Funny how that happens.

I am loving Logan's age right now. He's a chunk, but I love to hold him and kiss his sweet chubby cheeks. My favorite time with him is naptime and bedtime. I feed him his bottle and rock him and then we play in the rocking chair. I'll get his neck and he bumps his head into mine. Sometimes he settles down and lays his head on my chest and I'm able to rock him to sleep, but usually he wants to giggle and play. I'm fine with that too!

These pics are some of my favorites. They were taken almost a month ago, but since I haven't blogged much I never posted them. I love how their outfits match. Madison loves her little "bigger" brother. She plays pretty good with him, but has started to boss him around a little more lately. She acts like his mother and says things to him that I say like "I'm gonna spank you" and "you're driving me nuts." She has spanked him a few times (on the diaper) and I have informed her that she cannot spank, only the momma can. ;)


Aunt Holley

I love the pics!


Those are so very adorable. Sweet Sweet Sweet!!!
From MeMommie
I love you both

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