Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to two very special grandmothers. We sure are thankful for you both! It is so nice living in the same town as you both. Not only do we get help with our kids, but our kids know you both well and get to enjoy an extra special relationship with you! You can't beat that!

Grammy's birthday was yesterday and Grandma's birthday is today! We celebrated Grammy's birthday by going out to eat at Brown's catfish. It sure was yummy. I'm back on WW so I ran extra yesterday and saved my points so I could enjoy all I wanted at Brown's! We are celebrating Grandma's birthday tomorrow afternoon out on the lake. We have only been out on the lake once this summer so Gabe and I are both really looking forward to it.

My grandmother's birthday is also Me Mommie. The kids don't get to see her and Big Daddy too often because they live in Texas, but they are still special to them.
Hope you have a wonderful day, Me Mommie! Make Big Daddy take you to The Cheescake Factory!

Madison recently posed in this ad for the Millard Henry Clinic Pediatricians. It will be used for something Arkansas Tech related. Madison is being held by her pediatrician, Dr. Harrison. He was my pediatrician when I was a child up until I was in college! Madison really likes him- mostly because going to the doctor means leaving with a sucker! He knows she's a firecracker and always gives her some special attention. Madison is quite famous around MHC and she knows it. She knows it's where her Grandma works. And she loves going upstairs to see her Grandma. She plays with the water tank and fills cups up with water and makes Grandma drink them only to go fill up more cups! MHC is a fun place for her.

Well, Friday is finally here. I'm looking forward to having Daddy home for the weekend! Have a good one!


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