Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guess What Today Is?

Today is Picture Day at MDO, so we got up extra early this morning to allow time for baths and extra primping and such! After the kids were dressed, I thought they looked so cute that I grabbed my camera and did a little photo shoot myself. We practiced our smiles (mostly for Madison's sake- ha!) and promises, okay maybe some bribes were said that involved a significant amount of candy.
My shadow got in the way of thic pic, but if you look closely you will see that it's a precious pic of the two of them. Look how Madison's hands are placed around her Bubba.
I had to stay at MDO this morning while the kids had their pictures made because Logan does not attend on Tuesdays, but today was the day for his class pictures and I wanted him to be included in those. Madison was a little difficult at first, but I think the photographer got some good pics. Can't wait to see them! Logan was full of smiles the whole time and Madison spent most of the time checking to see if Bubba was smiling...little Mother Hen!
My baby boy is getting so big. Look at him all spiffed up in his plaid collared shirt and brown pants. He's a cutie!
On another note, I lost a whopping 4 pounds this past week! That makes a total of 12 pounds so far. I was pretty pumped. I've been running 4-5 miles a day and it has definately made a difference. Exercising AND eating right is definately the key to success on weight loss.
Gabe and I ventured out to Mt. Magazine Lodge with a friend Friday night to eat all-you-can-eat crab legs & prime rib. IT. WAS. SOO. GOOD!!! We ate until we were sick. It was actually a seafood buffet. They had a yummy homeade shrimp chowder and homeade bread pudding for dessert. Let's just say that we'll be back!


Crash Test Parents

Awww, the two of them look so cute together! Logan is such a smiley little guy! I can't wait until Keaton is that big! Oh, Madison and Cale hugged each other as we were picking Cale up on was the cutest hug ever!

Kristen and David

Those picture turned out so cute! Love their outfits! You have beautiful kids! And WAY TO GO girlfriend on the weight loss (especially after the crab leg feast)!! You look great anyway but good for you for that healthy lifestyle! I'm motivated. :)

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