Monday, January 3, 2011

5 Christmases...Part I

We had five Christmases this year. (What a statment! And it so describes our busy life!) We had Christmas with just our family, with my family, with Gabe's family, and with both sets of my grandparents in Texas. I'm STILL unpacking from Texas. I believe I only have the kids suitcase left to unpack. It is just so hard to get things done with two little ones. And yes, my Christmas decorations are still up. Hopefully they will get taken down this weekend.

I'll begin with our family Christmas. We weren't sure when to have ours since we would be in TX on Christmas day, so we decided to just have it after we returned home. We celebrated our family Christmas the morning after we returned. Gabe put together Madison's kitchen and I laid out all of her presents around the tree the night before. The next morning she was quite excited! We went and got her from her room and told her it was time to open up her presents. This is her running into the living room. Playing with her new kitchen...Betty Crocker in training!

Logan enjoyed watching...
Her kitchen came with a telephone. Madison wasted no time. She had friends to call!

We gave Madison two adorable outfits, several snowman items (because she LOVES snowmen right now), a few stocking stuffers, and a froggy potty. Potty training is in the near future! I'm not going to rush it, but I thought it was probably time to have a potty sitting in the bathroom just in case!

Stay tuned for 5 Christmases, Part II...


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