Thursday, December 15, 2011

Surprise Double Date

Gabe and Kevin surprised my friend, Melissa and I this past Tuesday night. Gabe told me a while back that I needed to reserve a date for a "surprise" with our friends Kevin and Melissa, but honestly, I never marked the date down! He told me Monday night that we would be going on a surprise date Tuesday night. He said he had a babysitter lined up and we were leaving at 4:00. I guess I didn't act too surprised, but it was mainly because he told me a while back that we were going to do something with Kevin and Melissa and I just assumed this would be it. He said it may or may not be it. The last time we had a surprise date it was to see STOMP in Memphis, so I kind of expected the same kind of deal.

Well, we walked out of the house a little after 4:00 and there was Kevin and Melissa! We headed to LR, ate at PF Chang's (our favorite double date resturaunt), and then headed to Verizon to see Cirque du Soleil! I put my foot in my mouth in the car on the way there because we were talking about shows we had seen and I mentioned that I liked Cirque du Soleil the last time I saw the show, but it wasn't really a show I'd want to see again. Whoopsie! That's when they told us we were going there that night. The show was actually VERY good! Much better than the last show I went to.

It was a fun and well-planned night. Way to go, Gabe & Kevin!


The Nelson Family

Ha! How fun! What sweet guys you have!

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